Our story starts with a road trip to Botswana in the family car, but when we arrived we discovered the currency would negatively affect our economic situation, we became art teachers in Botswana. Being art teachers enabled us to pay the bills.

When we first Moved to Botswana we had the intention of staying 3 years but ended up staying 10 years, so we started an started an art exhibition in Botswana.

Longing to return home we started building a house in Lusaka,  but the distance proved too much while living in Botswana so we decided on a different project

After spending much time in Botswana we came to the realization that we have to return to start our own business, so we eventually moved to Zambia bought land in Livingstone , this land would one day become the location of Wayi Wayi art Gallery 

We wanted to be one of the reasons why tourist come to Zambia

The Struggles we faced in founding an art gallery were many:

    • The house wasn’t finished when we first arrived.
    • plumbing wasn’t complete, water being an essential part of our art work, when water is low this affects the traffic of people into the gallery
    • neighbors thought we were crazy because of the demographics in our location and the general perception of the locals viewed art as a luxury.
    • Covid-19 

However we fought and survived the times, we are first and foremost artists before anything else, so naturally it was big learning curve to stabilize financially but the National arts council was instrumental in helping us learn to do art as a business.

The inspiration for our art came from the mbusa traditions, a tradition we experienced during our marriage, the impact it had on us was so meaningful that it inspired many pieces of  our art.